The Californios Ranch Roping & Stock Horse Contest

"The Circle" - by Dave Stamey off the "Tonopah" album


Down the Road: The Californios Ranch Roping and Stock Horse Contest
A look into the future.

I've been getting many inquiries about our event and it only seems right to bring folks up to date on future plans.
Time and silence brings a clear perspective and we have enjoyed seeing our creation anew. We are intensely proud of the event we put forth, but also are excited about new plans and ideas for further purifying the experience.

The Californios is unique in that it is not governed by an association or board of directors. This isolationism causes the workload to be daunting, but it also ensures the purity and quality of the event and allows us to develop an experience that does not suffer the dilution of a sponsor driven board of directors, or the shackles of that bottom line.
It can remain a celebration of a way of life.

To achieve this, the event will no longer be an annual endeavor. It will come around like the perfect grass year, when conditions align in such a way that bounty finds its way to the doorstep, that sun, wind and water join hands and dance over the hillsides in a blanket of green.

We are moving forward, working on our next Californios, we suspect it will be a year or two. We are planning, designing and searching for that perfect balance, the right year, an event that rings of truth and beauty, camaraderie and grit. We are also working on other ways to bring these disciplines to those who hear the call. Be sure to sign on for our free newsletter for updates on events, videos and articles to stay connected.

2014 brings many new opportunities. We are excited and hopeful about the future and its promise. We are looking forward to the day we meet again to celebrate the life and passion that is "The Californios".

Gwynn Turnbull Weaver