The Californios Ranch Roping & Stock Horse Contest
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GENERAL Clinic Information - 2023

Horsemanship Clinics
1 DAY CLINIC $200 Tuition
2 DAY CLINIC $425 Tuition
3 DAY CLINIC $625 Tuition
START TIME: 10AM (4 hours per day) Auditing fee: $20/day

This clinic focuses on horsemanship and how it applies to practical working situations, but also stands on its own as a clearly defined fountain of good classical horsemanship. Not only are the elements clearly defined but delivered in a such a way that students can leave with a better understanding of not only the mechanics of good horsemanship but how to keep the horse motivated mentally. GWYNN engages students in the basic and yet eternal elements of laying the foundation for advanced maneuvers, and returning to those elements for problem horses.

Cow Working Clinics
2 DAY CLINC: $460 Tuition (stock charge may apply) 10-14 students.
3 DAY CLINC: $640 Tuition (stock charge may apply) 10-14 students.
START TIME: 10AM (4 hours per day) Auditing fee: $20/day

These clinics are designed to focus on the fundamentals of working cattle. Students will learn exercises and schooling tips to get their horses watching a cow with genuine interest and stockmanship tips to better understand, work and handle cattle. Designed to instruct students on real working situations with cattle in a ranch environment. GWYNN blends a unique combination of ranch experience and cutting pen influences to maximize the horses working advantage.

INTRODUCTION TO Ranch Roping Clinics
3 DAY CLINIC $640 Tuition (stock charge may apply) 10-14 students.
START TIME: 10AM (4 hours per day)
Auditing fee: $20/day

This three day clinic offers an introduction to traditional ranch roping techniques, and provides instruction on preparation, positioning, roping shots, and cattle handling. A great “first roping class” for the novice roper, this clinic uses breakaway ropes only to allow green ropers an opportunity to advance at a comfortable pace.

Riders need not have previous roping experience but must have enough riding ability have a stable seat and control their mounts at a walk, trot and lope. Students should have a saddle with a dally horn, roping glove(s), non-lace up boots, a knife and have access to a snaffle bit outfit, if required. Students are advised to bring a rope not less than 50 feet long with a breakaway honda. Loaner breakaway ropes will be available for student use during the clinic. Students shall only use one horse for the entire clinic, unless a horse becomes ill or unsound during the clinic and must be replaced. Changing horses shall be only with the instructors' approval.

Age requirement: 12 yrs. (unless by special arrangement).

Requirement Questions? Please contact us



Q. I’ve never been to a clinic before and I’m nervous about it, how can I prepare?
A. These clinics are a fun, relaxed, supportive learning environment. You’re concern will dissipate in the first few minutes of the clinic. Just bring an open mind and a willing heart.

Q. Do I need my own horse for the clinic?
A. Yes.

Q. How much experience do I need to participate in a clinic?
A. All levels are welcome.

Q. How many horses can I bring/ride in the clinic?
A. Students are only allowed one horse for the duration of the clinic. Some students bring a back-up horse in the event the horse they have selected for the clinic becomes ill, sore or lame. In the event of such an occurrence, switching to the back-up horse shall be at the discretion of The Californios Inc.

Q. Are there additional fees due when I arrive at the clinic?
A. Clinics that require cattle frequently have a stock charge, though that is at the discretion of the clinic sponsor and is collected by them. Stall fees may or may not be due depending on the facility requirements. A facility fee may be required for clinics that are held in covered arenas. Please check with the individual clinic sponsor in advance for information on the above fees and any additional fees that may be required.

Q. Should my horse be shod for the clinic?
A. Horses are usually more comfortable shod but the choice ultimately is up to the rider.

Q. Can my spouse/friend/family member traveling with me audit for free?
A. No. Anyone watching the clinic must pay an auditing fee.

Q. Can I video or have someone else video the clinic?
A. No. Videoing is prohibited.

Q. Can I take still photos or have a friend take still photos at the clinic?
A. Since it is impossible to distinguish the difference between a smart phone “still” and a smart phone video being taken, no. Stationary stills ( group shot, record the moment ) may be taken before or after the clinic.

Q. Can I bring my dog to the clinic?
A. Be sure to check with the clinic sponsor regarding the dog policy for the clinic.

Q. Do we break for lunch?
A. No, we do not break for lunch. We take a few short breaks at logical times. We advise students to bring water and snacks for these breaks.

Q. What happens if it rains during the clinic?
A. Clinics go on rain or shine unless otherwise stated by The Californios Inc.

Q. Can I trade horses with my friend halfway through the clinic?
A. No.

Q. Do I need traditional “vaquero/buckaroo” gear for the clinic?
A. No. We appreciate quality gear but it is not required and students that do not have it will not be treated any differently.

Q. Can I camp at the clinic?
A. Check with the clinic sponsor for all camping, lodging information.



In the event of a student cancellation, The Californios Inc. may credit a percentage of the tuition to another clinic(s) to be redeemed by the registered student within one calendar year based on the following cancellation notification deadlines.
Students that notify The Californios Inc.:

90 days before the first day of the clinic = 50% tuition credit
60 to 89 days before the first day of the clinic = 40% tuition credit
30 to 59 days before the first day of the clinic = 20% tuition credit
29 days or less before the first day of the clinic = 0% tuition credit

To redeem a tuition credit, a student must select the new clinic date that the credit will be applied to as well as mail in the tuition balance for the new clinic selected. If clinic dates are not yet scheduled, then the tuition credit can be held until the next years schedule is made available. Once the schedule is made available, the student must select which clinic to apply the credit to and mail the tuition balance at that time to secure the spot. The above cancellation policy then applies to the new clinic.

Tuition credits must be used by the registered student within one calendar year of the last day of the original clinic. Tuition credits that are not used within that time frame will be forfeited.

Frequently asked questions regarding the cancellation policy:
Q. Can I get my tuition refunded?
A. Tuition is non-refundable.

Q. If I am unable to attend a clinic I have signed up for, can I send someone else in my place?
A. Yes, as long as the person you send is approved by The Californios Inc. AND you understand that your tuition will not be refunded, only applied to your replacement. Any monetary reimbursement you wish to receive is between you and your replacement. The Californios Inc. will not participate in the exchange. All stock charges, facility fees and stall fees shall be due the first day of the clinic and may be paid by either party. Replacements can be only be applied to the actual clinic you are signed up for.

Q. Can I give my tuition credit to another person for a later clinic within the calendar year?
A. No. If you do not find a replacement for the actual clinic you signed up for and receive a tuition credit, it can only be redeemed by you within one calendar.

Q. What happens if a clinic I am signed up for is cancelled?
A. In the event The Californios Inc. must cancel a clinic, your tuition will be refunded in full or transferred to another clinic of your choice.

Download Schedule and Registration Form