The Californios Ranch Roping & Stock Horse Contest
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It is with the deepest respect and affection that we would like to thank all the horses who have so nobly provided for us our living.

We have been lucky to raise, or come upon, so many fine individuals. It has been a blessing to have had the opportunity to bring them along, fostering their unique talents and honing their inborn skills. They have been to us the utmost of teachers, the best of working partners and often the greatest of friends.

We wish we could say that we "made them" but they were made by a power much greater than us; Truth be known, it is they that made us.

- Gwynn Turnbull Weaver


Typically, the horses we own have been exposed to a variety of experiences. In addition to their arena training, they have been used as ranch horses with exposure to the common ranch tasks; gathering, rodearing cattle, doctoring outside or in a corral, branding and the like. Each horses level of exposure is dependant on age and maturity. Some of the horses have extensive experience and are thoroughly “seasoned”, while others have only a limited amount of exposure to these tasks. Many of our horses have been used at one or more of our ranch roping or horsemanship clinics, providing them further seasoning to the various situations hauling and life on the road presents.

We usually remain realistically loyal to progressing horses through the traditional levels of training established in the Great Basin and old California, though our horses are started in a snaffle bit before proceeding to the hackamore, two rein and straight up into the bridle.

From time to time, we can offer for sale, some of these fine horses to a few select horsemen and horsewomen.  We also sometimes offer a few young horses that we have usually raised. This provides a way for buyers with a limited budget to purchase a “prospect” that is well suited to these traditional disciplines.

Vet checks are welcome, at the buyers expense, as all sales are final.