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Articles by Gwynn Turnbull

Ten Questions with Gwynn Turnbull
Eclectic Horseman Magazine No.10 March/April 2003

Some Thoughts on the Hackamore by Gwynn Turnbull
Gwynn explores the tradition and the function behind using this piece of gear.
Eclectic Horseman Magazine No.17 May/June 2004

The Reata: The Gritty World of Rawhide. Are You Cowboy Enough? by Gwynn Turnbull
Learn about the mystique, construction and payoffs of this traditional piece of equipment.
Eclectic Horseman Magazine No.24 July/August 2005

When Colts Go on the Payroll by Gwynn Turnbull
Reflections on past wisdom and modern practice on when putting a colt to work is appropriate.
Eclectic Horseman Magazine No.25 September/October 2005

Managing the Caviada by Gwynn Turnbull  
A closer look at the fine art of managing the string of riding horses and the cowboys who ride them on a day-to-day basis.
Eclectic Horseman Magazine No.26 November/December 2005

Some Thoughts on "The Spade" by Gwynn Turnbull
Revered by some, despised by others, this piece of equipment stirs emotions on both ends of the spectrum. Learn more.
Eclectic Horseman Magazine No.27 January/February 2006

Out of the Spotlight… Calling All Hands by Gwynn Turnbull
A thought-provoking essay on the inherent tension between the show world and hearts of horsemen.
Eclectic Horseman Magazine No.28 March/April 2006

The Buying and Selling of Horses by Gwynn Turnbull
A tour of conscience regarding our responsibilities as horse buyers and sellers.
Eclectic Horseman Magazine No.34 March/April 2007

Through the Lens by Gwynn Turnbull
A glimpse of life on the Californios DVD series production trail.
Eclectic Horseman Magazine No.44 November/December 2008

Rethinking our Stabling Practices by Gwynn Turnbull
Eclectic Horseman Magazine No.64 March/April 2012

An Inseparable Pair — Learning to Feel Through Contrast by Gwynn Turnbull
Gwynn explores some concepts fundamental to good horsemanship.
Eclectic Horseman Magazine No.70 March/April 2013

Lost in Translation —Understanding a Wordless World by Gwynn Turnbull  
Gwynn examines the challenges of communication between horse and humans when words get in the way.
Eclectic Horseman Magazine No.71 May/June 2013